Travel to site

The event will be held at Sjöviksgården, c. 40 kilometres outside Gothenburg (site page, in Swedish:

Adress: Sörviksvägen 47, 443 45 Sjövik, Sweden.

The closest airport is Landvetter just outside of Gothenburg.

Pick-up from the airport or from the train station (Alingsås) can be arranged. Contact Daniel Johansson daniel at if you need to be picked up, or have more questions about the bus and trains.

But it is also possible to take the bus ”Gråbosnabben” from Gothenburg to the site. It´s about a 1 km to walk from the bus stop Sjöviks busstation. You can also take the commuter train from Gothenburg to Lerum and from there take bus 525 to Sjöviks busstation.
You can find more information on bus schedules here:

Is about 1km walk from the bus stop to the site.