Event site

The event will be held at Sjöviksgården, c. 40 kilometres outside Gothenburg (site page, in Swedish: https://sjoviksgarden.nu/index.html).

The site is discreetly wet, have a designated smoke zone and no animals is allowed.

The site has 108 beds and 10 places in crash space. Let us know in the registration form if you need a lower bunk, or if you if you want to be in the same room as somebody. You will only need to bring bed linens.

The site consist of four buildings/clusters of smaller cabins. In the main building most rooms have five beds, one room has six beds and two have two beds. This area has a ramp and the accessible toilet is located in this house. “Sörviken” has 10 cabins/rooms with four bed each. This area has a ramp. “Ledarstugan” has five rooms with ten beds each. The last building is an open hall which will be used for court.